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munster vales

Munster Vales

The Munster Vales lie in the historic heartland of Ireland, it's a 1,100 kilometre stretch of olden routes and timeworn trails that rise in the mid-west and sweep southward through five mountain ranges and on to the wild Irish Sea. Crossing the magnificent counties of Limerick, Cork, Tipperary and Waterford, exploring the Munster Vales is an exhilarating adventure, where history and heritage blend seamlessly with modern Irish life, in an unforgettable travel experience.

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Ballyhoura country

Ballyhoura Country

Ballyhoura Country where you can travel through centuries in a day, taking in striking stone age monuments, a variety of museums as well as some tranquil parks and gardens.

A world where hospitality is very real indeed. A world where the little pleasures of sharing everyday things with the locals in Ballyhoura – talking with them, walking with them and sharing a joke – is possibly the greatest attraction of them all!  Whether you wish to take part in an action packed activity based holiday or relaxing, de-stressing, unwinding break. Ballyhoura Country provides the perfect setting to suit everyone’s taste and is quintessentially

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This is Limerick. Your guide to visit, enjoy, live, work & invest in Limerick.

A place for locals, tourists and everyone keen to discover Limerick.

Limerick has a rich history and strong heritage, which remains ever present in its structures, its streets and its people.

There is plenty for families and children of all ages to see and do in Limerick whatever the weather or location. From tiny tots to teens, there are activities to suit everyone!


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Abarta Heritage

Abarta Heritage – Your Guide to Ireland’s Heritage

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