St Nicholas in Bari

Santa Clause was inspired by Saint Nicolas and reporter Colm Flynn has travelled all the way to the town of Bari in Southern Italy where every year they celebrate Saint Nicolas like nowhere else in the world.

Where Ireland Meets Puglia - Episode 1

The Legend of Saint Nicholas in Ireland

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Looking for ideas for your own tour? We will create your Irish dream and guide you to all the places you want to visit, helping to make the most out of your time in the Emerald Isle of Ireland.

about Ireland

Say hello to Ireland, the “Emerald Isle” so called for her green countryside, with a population of approximately six million inhabitants, one of the least populated countries and the least industrialized in Europe.

Wander through a millenary past, tombs and circular fortresses of the stone age, ancient castles, monasteries, imposing residences and beautiful Georgian architecture of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

Explore four historical provinces (Leinster, Ulster, Connaught and Munster) and 32 counties, each with its own particular charm, old traditions and culture.

Forget the shamrock! The flora is diverse and so unique and unexpected. 

Not only 40 shades of green but so much more, with pure water and golden sands, Atlantic coastlines, islands, mountains, lunar-like limestone landscapes and jagged coastal cliffs extraordinarily beautiful and unique.

The variety of landscapes and colors have always been a source of artistic inspiration for several photographers and artists.

Not so hot and not so cold with an annual average temperature of 10C., the climate is of the temperate type, gentle and soft, and if it rains, like the Irish say there is always a beautiful rainbow, cosy pub and a pint of stout.

Everyone on Ireland speaks English but for our cosmopolitan way of cities and towns you could come across while traveling some chatter in a variety of accents from Polish and Italian to Korean and Russian, you have just to keep your ears open. 

The Irish language (Gaelige) is spoken in the Gaeltacht and it was introduced to Ireland by the Celts in the last centuries before Christ.


Here some phrases for you to get started and some ways to say hello:


Ireland transport map


Put on your helmet, the compact dimensions and spectacular cycling routes make the country easy to pedal. Discover beautiful views, enjoy the outdoor experience and be immersed in the irish culture. Walk this way!

The transport network provides trains between the main cities and the extensive and efficient bus network to reach the little villages.

Dublin Airport is the main airport of the country with international flights. Other airports are Cork, Shannon, Kerry, Knock, Waterford, Donegal, Derry and Belfast.

For those arriving by sea there are several connections from France and the United Kingdom. Cork, Rosslare, Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, Larne, Belfast and Ballycastle the main ports.